The Leader in Lubricants Has Not Changed in 5 Years

By completing the 2014 as the market leader, Petrol Ofisi Lubricants became the leader of lubricants sector for 5 years consecutively.


Our majority shareholder OMV AG, with its public disclosure dated 12 December 2014, disclosed to the public that it decided to proceed with the squeeze-out process in accordance with the New Communiqué.

The Leader of Lubricants, Gives Strength & Confidence to Automotive and Construction Equipment Manufacturers

As the leader fuel distribution and lubricant company in Turkey, Petrol Ofisi is proud to be in close co-operation with the major brands of passenger cars, commercial vehicles and construction equipment.

Petrol Ofisi and Chevron Signed Strategic Collaboration in Marine Lubricants

Petrol Ofisi, will carry out the production of Chevron marine lubricants for the national and international ships that operates in territorial waters of Turkey or pass in transit.

Application for Squeeze-Out

Material Disclosure of OMV Petrol Ofisi A.Ş. dated 24.06.2014

Statement About Differentiated Products

As OMV Petrol Ofisi we keep on working by adopting the responsibility of sustainable product development and service. In this context, we bring our differentiated products into our customers’ use having accepted the responsibility of providing the best fuels with the highest technology. OMV Petrol Ofisi products have been differentiated by the product development studies carried out with Afton Chemical, which is one of the leading companies in the world in fuels additives industry. The performance and the distinctive features of these products have been proved by the tests conducted by esteemed and independent research institutions as well as test centers in our country and abroad. Depending on the vehicle, driving pattern and driving conditions, OMV Petrol Ofisi diesel and gasoline products provide up to 4 liters of fuel economy in 100 liters. OMV Petrol Ofisi fuels ensure effective cleaning, powerful engine, superior driving and more acceleration with more power and it restores first day power of the engine through regular usage.

Differentiated or not, all fuel types supplied to the market by license holders in our country must comply with the European Union standards and the technical regulations set by EMRA. In this context, all of them can be used safely for all vehicles with respect to the fuel type. There are no restrictive distinctions between differentiated products and others in terms of organized features such as quality etc. according to vehicle types such as passenger car, coach, bus, truck, tractor, etc.

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