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Petrol Ofisi is at your service with its new oil change centers…
Petrol Ofisi provides high-level expertise in engine oils as well!

Petrol Ofisi (PO) offers free engine oil check and change in the clean and comfortable atmosphere of oil change centers run by trained professionals across Turkey.

Thanks to its 60 oil change centers that have been successfully serving customers inside the PO stations since the beginning of this year, the retail lubricant sales of PO have climbed over 250%. Petrol Ofisi plans to open additional 100 oil centers during 2008, bringing the total number of centers to 200 by the end of 2009.

As a part of its latest consumer-oriented strategy, Petrol Ofisi, the leader and innovator of the fuel products distribution and lubricants industry in this country, has carried its engine oil services into its fuel stations through oil change centers. The professional staff of the center, who are highly trained by Petrol Ofisi on all related technical and marketing matters, perform free oil check and change for customers’ vehicles coming to stations, thus enabling the vehicle owners to take advantage a top quality and full oil change service in a clean and comfortable atmosphere within only 15 minutes. The engine oils of Petrol Ofisi that use smart oil technology are selected according to the model and engine futures of the vehicle.

After launching its first oil change center in Istanbul in September 2007, due to a huge demand from the customers and dealers, Petrol Ofisi has opened 60 new centers nationwide. Petrol Ofisi aims to open 100 more oil change centers by the end of 2008, reaching 200 centers in total until the end of 2009. The oil change centers, which are highly preferred by female drivers for their conveniences, are open 24 hours a day and seven days a week at some locations according to customer demand.

“Within the scope of our recent restructuring project, we have brought all our lubricants for passenger cars under the umbrella of brand which uses Smart Oil Technology only. We have also decided to set up a number of oil change centers throughout the country to introduce a wide range of new products into market and provide our customers with the best service available in Turkey at affordable prices. Since the restrictions that forced the drivers to have their engine oils changed at a specific location are now lifted, customers can enjoy a full service oil change at the clean and comfortable surroundings of oil change centers.

Thanks to the assistance of a professional staff, each vehicle’s engine oil is changed "in a very short time with the best quality lubricants," said Mutluay Doğan, Director of Commercial and Industrial Sales, during the introductory meeting held for the opening of new oil change centers at Kral Gas Station in Merter, Istanbul.

Retail lubricant sales have increased up to 250%.
After reminding us that Petrol Ofisi, had already left its mark on Research and Development field with its Derince Technology center and continued to deliver the best to its customers through its advanced Smart Oil Technology and new engine oil change centers, he went on as follows:

“I’m proud to say that oil change centers have been widely appreciated by our dealers and customers alike at every service locations since their opening day. Now, our customers can also have their engine oil check or change at our stations every time they drop in to refuel. Under the 100% Petrol Ofisi assurance, drivers can leave their vehicles to the capable hands of experienced technicians and save valuable time at the same time. All they have to do is to buy the PO lubricants offered at extremely affordable prices and leave the rest to experts who will render their services absolutely free. A 250% increase in retail lubricant sales achieved at concerned PO stations demonstrates continuing high levels of customer satisfaction and rising consumer demand for the said services."

A professional staff with PO expertise
"Lubricant Experts” to be employed at oil change centers are primarily elected among the technicians graduated from the relevant Vocational Schools.

According to PO’s Employment Development Program (EDP), the staff working at these centers is classified in two separate categories: one being those with technical and customer service training and the other category being those with extensive work experience in automotive sector. All candidates receive lengthy product knowledge and services training, and their progress is monitored closely with frequent visits to PO stations until they are fully ready to serve customers.

The engine oil experts of Petrol Ofisi do not only stand out from the rest with their deep product knowledge, but they are also highly regarded for their honesty and sincerity in dealing with their customers.


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